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Short range wireless communications enables two electronic devices to communicate within 4cm range.


Machine readable optical tags store information about the item to which they are attached.

Updates in real time

Updates in real time.

Change the content you are sharing whenever you need with Telecomplay´s re-direccionable tags with instant actualization, including if you are using geolocalized content.


Remote redirects.

Immediately change the content you attached to a QR or NFC and redirect them.


Remote monitoring.

Use top-level metrics for QR and NFC.

Take registration of every change you make in a QR / NFC campaign end-to-end. From start to end.
Use a remote control of ON/OFF of the campaigns. Take control of the content you share from telecomplay´s panels.

Batch edition.

Analyze images of any kind, recognize and count objects in an image and also calculate the distance areas in it. The images are analyzed automatically and the results can be exported.

Batch edition

Be interactive.

Grow the distribution of content by using Qr codes or NFC technology.

Get your content in front of the right people: Distribute and promote your content wisely. A content distribution strategy will help you hone in on where you should share certain types of content. Get out of the box and distribute your content intelligently using qr and nfc.

Be useful for businesses and consumers all together.

Consumers want immediate access to relevant information. Make that possible with QR codes and NFC. Connect people with each other and to multimedia digital content.

Be useful for businesses and consumers all together

The potential for QR Codes and NFC are limitless.

What’s most exciting is how they bring people together with technology, extending it to enhance the experience.

1. Share.

There’s no limit to how, or even how much, you can share with QR codes or NFC. While a video or landing page is easily shared, you could go further and share multiple pieces of content that share a common link.

2. Call to Action.

Mobilize them to take action. You can alternate special offers by simply linking your QR codes or NFC to new landing pages, and you can combine them with email opt-ins to build your list.

3. Analytics.

QR codes and NFC are most commonly link to urls. Use Telecomplay to automatically generate a QR code or NFC for sharing your shortened links and make use of useful analytics.

QR Codes and NFC are a vital marketing tool: Since they found their way into communications, they have become an indispensable part of virtually any campaign and especially suitable for reaching the prospective customers.

Produce countless possibilities to engage users in a positive way: From simple information such as contact details, event dates and product descriptions, to special promotions such as coupons and voting – you can offer your customers virtually anything you can display in a web browser. All of this with a single scan.

Key engagement alternative: By scanning the QR Code or approaching to a NFC, potential customers are instantly more engaged with your advertising or message. They have actively chosen to request further information. The customers are, therefore, more involved and retain the information received longer in their memory. This advantage is not to be underestimated, as audiences are confronted with hundreds of advertising messages each day.

Create and promote dialogs with your audience: QR Codes and NFC establish a direct contact to your audience and promote a dialog with them. A QR Code can, for example, provide the user with the possibility to deliver feedback on products or services. On this occasion, you can also receive email addresses or contact information from your users and will be able to use this data for further interactions.

Create visual customer experience With attachments or links for a better user interaction and flow.

A Hyperlink can direct your customers to wherever you need in a simple and effective way for you to grow your message and communication.

NFC and QR unique identifier for content and context control.

Instant changes of content and redirection, including the use of geolocated content.

Remote Monitoring – Top Level Metrics for NFC and QR.

Scheduled campaigns from beggining to end.

Keep all registrations of content changes.

NFC and QR management from telecomplay panel.

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