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Targeted Audience.

  • Send info to different smartphones through ultrasound technology.
  • Beeping is a new communication channel based in ultrasounds denominated Beeps that allow you to shoot different content to any smart mobile.
  • Any app with a SDK integration from Beeping can detect Beeps and have access to its content, links, photos, videos, messages and more.
  • Mark the difference between you and your competitors via innovation:
    • Telecomplay integrates with beeping, allowing you to manage Beep campaigns, giving you the access to create a match between user profile in database and mobile device, as well as having all unified conversation records.
    • We also offer you the tool to send massive notifications via push and broadcast different types of content in any platform including traditional radio tvs.
  • Impact the receptor thanks to the innovation of this technology.

  • Send notifications.

  • Target your audience.

  • Get access to the Telecomplay panel to do a remote monitoring and see top level metrics.

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