Benefits - telecomplay

Communications are transforming the digital customer journey.

Telecomplay has taken global telecom network and turned it into communications that are more productive when they take place in the context of the application and are bolstered with relevant information.
Communications are transforming the digital customer journey.
  • Custom integrations: integrate CRM to a backend.
  • Optimization workforce with the cloud.
  • Data Validation.
  • Massive and Transactional Communications.
  • Bounce Rate Preservation and High effective contact performance.
  • High range of communication and conversion according to the number of registered audiences.
Every aspect is customizable

1. Every aspect is customizable:

  • Deploy and customize discrete components to match your exact business needs. Use ready made programmable building blocks you can add, remove or change to find the way that serves your unique business needs.
  • Democratize your contact center data, by crafting dashboards specially designed for supervisors and administrators using simple drag and drop tools.
  • Deliver critical data to administrators in real time and improve administrators performance with detailed insights. Use real-time and historical dashboards to give admins visibility into their performance, and empower them to discover best practices.

2. Omnichannel:

A unified communication experience is the Key of Telecomplay. Traditionally agents could only serve one customer in one channel and on one screen, but with Telecomplay you can switch from sms, to mail, to phone call, create forms and NFC or QR codes in just one platform. Omnichannel experience lets admins follow a conversation wherever it goes, no matter the channel.


3. Cloud:

We are built in the cloud, always available, continuously upgraded auto-scale to meet your needs. Telecomplay is supported by a reliable cloud platform saving you from installing hardware or downloading software. Do more faster, more customer contact with faster time to market.


4. Scale:

Interruptions don’t scale. We ship thousands of improvements with no service interruptions. Quality routing for quality interactions. Telecomplay delivers the best quality for interactions by multi sourcing routes.


5. Analytics:

Telecomplay organizes and keep all the data you need to improve your admins performance and insights to discover best practices, gain complete visibility of your customers journey, streamline your contact center, make agents more productive and customers happier. Monitor interaction in real time omnichannel and get advice to improve interactions.

Elastic and Multi-tasking infrastructure.

Enable your admins to work on multiple interactions at the same time. Control which features and functionalities are available to your agents based on roles and make sure Telecomplay can support your company grow with a cloud platform that employs a horizontally scalable service oriented architecture.

Elastic and Multi-tasking infrastructure.