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Audience management.

Use the data that already exists for each record, such as their email, mobile interactions, and the behavior on websites, to synchronize securely with facebook and twitter.

Audience management.
White labeled SMS.

Create accurate campaigns for specific audiences.

Participate with audiences at the right time along the path of each individual, or find new individuals who have similar behaviors to patterns already identified.

Gain engagement and consumers satisfaction.

Reaching customers over text, coordinate and connect users at the right time focusing in a omnichannel platform.

Gain engagement and consumers satisfaction.

Use CRM as a base for event management.

The creation of an event requires the planning of location, amount of space, production, as well as multiple simultaneous communication actions that allow defining the scope of the action.

Real-time reports of outreach and attendance confirmation.

Timeline of participation for each record in a database.

Unified execution of sub-campaigns related to each event.

Conversion level between communication range and number of registered.

Integrated call-center for the confirmation of live operators.

Scheduled system.

Distribution of content and monitoring of its scope in multiple media.

Every incremental thing we can do to make our customers experience more delightful helps to keep our customers happy and loyal.

Create your flow as many channels use the same platform for SMS, emails, IVR, QR,NFC and Audio cookies. Built better customer experience, integrated communications, sophisticated audience journeys, dynamic experiences and more without any technical effort.

Break down the barriers to building and managing communication workflows – end to end communications.

Track notifications: add custom notifications for customers based on certain events.
Internet of things.

Step 1:

Create event.

Get value.

Step 2: 

Create SMS messages / Mails / IVR / QR or NFC to communicate event.

Data driven.

Step 3: 

Manage event and Ask about their experience with the use of forms.

Step 4: 

Track and get Insights.

Make your audience from anonymous to retained.

Work the relationship with your audience by managing the journey.

Work the relationship with your audience by managing the journey.

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Get noticed.

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