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Go one step further by sending transaccional and massive emails.

Maximize your impact with the ability to send massive and transactional messages. Telecomplay allows you to send any message you need to a big audience in just one step, giving your business the opportunity to be above your competitors.

Scale with your business and send high volume of text messages.

Scale With Confidence.

Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, we can handle your important emails.


Track and monitor activity.

Monitor engagement with visual dashboards showing how many people are receiving and tapping each message. Analyze overall performance by opens, by click and more.

Forms solutions to Grow your data.

Forms solutions to Grow your data.

Use forms to build questionnaires or simply ask customer experience and satisfaction which will help you enrich your database and have more information about your audiences that would feed your insights for future campaigns.

Send forms inside your emails.

Send forms inside your emails.

Use previously created forms in Telecomplay and drop them on your emails using telecomplay visual editor, and then keep working on the structure you want to bring to your email campaign.

A trusted email delivery expert in your corner.

A trusted email delivery expert in your corner.

We have a large team of experts making sure your emails get delivered. Between our Delivery, Compliance, Support, Customer Success, and Professional Services Teams. Your business relies on getting email to the inbox. Your email delivery rate—the rate at which your emails actually make it to the inbox—is the most important metric for your email program’s success.


Gain Insight With Actionable Real-time Analytics.

Understanding email campaign performance is critical to optimizing engagement and demonstrating results. With our email service, key metrics are at your fingertips: track sends, delivery rates, bounces, spam reports, link clicks, opens, unsubscribes, and more.


Monitor engagement in real time from one platform.

Optimize your transactional sent in real time, see history communications, use powerful segmentation and actionable analytics. Engage with them where they already are through personalized updates and promotions.

Test, Learn, and Drive Stronger Results.

Easily test variations within a single email marketing campaign to discover what recipients respond to best. Test changes to subject lines, images, links, copy, button placement, and more. Automatically choose and deploy the winning variation or select a winner manually. See detailed reporting about each variation after your campaign is complete.


Segment and Personalize to Engage easily.

We make it simple to send targeted, relevant, and wanted email. Confidently create dynamic segments based on customer data and campaign engagement. Personalize your emails using custom fields to add recipient-specific data.

Build exactly what you imagine with a huge number of editing possibilities.

With our email word processor visual editor and fully responsive templates you can drag&drop and with just a few moves build your own email template, already compatible with all clients — no testing is needed; and no HTML coding is needed, too. Customize your templates as you wish.


Build email marketing campaigns seamlessly.

Design and send promotional emails using frustration-free campaign editing, powerful segmentation, and actionable analytics.







Create smart dynamic experiences in minutes, not months.

Telecomplay lets you design, target text and manage valuable experience for your audience.

Become a partner today, have a better way to grow your business.

Get value.

With the backing of the telecomplay partners program ion you product and services offer.

Get noticed.

With more visibility to thousands of potential clients.

Get access.

To technical suport, partner- only events and programs, trainings and certifications.

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